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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These user terms and conditions are the terms and conditions of the “soap.com.hk” for official website https://www.soap.com.hk (hereinafter referred to as "soap.com.hk” official website) “soap.com.hk” official website, by the "HCB (HK) Limited" (collectively "the Company" under) to manage and operate. The company will provide you with online shopping services (hereinafter referred to as "services") in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1.      Amendments to these "Terms and Conditions"

The company reserves the right to modify and/or amend these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. 

You should regularly visit the "soap.com.hk" official website to check any amendments and/or amendments to the terms. 

If you continue to use the company's services after these terms and conditions have been modified and/or revised, 

you will be deemed to have effectively and irrevocably accepted and agreed to be bound by the revised and/or revised terms and conditions.

2.      Account Registration and Use     


Once you have successfully applied for and registered an account on the “soap.com.hk” official website, it is equivalent to your valid and irrevocable acceptance and agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.


If you are under the age of 18, you should read these terms and conditions with your parents before you can use the company's services.


When you apply for an account to use the company's services, you should provide true, correct and complete information, and you should modify and update your account information at appropriate times to ensure its authenticity.


The ownership of your account belongs to our company. After you complete the account registration procedure, you will obtain the right to use the account. The right to use belongs only to you. It is prohibited to gift, borrow, rent, transfer or sell the right to use the account. Due to business needs, the company has the right to withdraw any of your accounts without first notifying you.

3.      User Rights and Obligations


You are responsible for properly keeping the security of your registered account information and account password, and each user needs to bear legal responsibility for his registered account and the actions under the password. You agree not to use the account or password of another user under any circumstances and notify the company immediately if you suspect that someone else is using your account or password.


You fully understand and agree that you must bear full responsibility for the authenticity, legality and validity of the "soap.com.hk" official website. You must not pretend to be another person; you must not use the name of another person to spread any information; you must not maliciously use a registered account lead to other users of its mistaken identity; otherwise, the company has the right to immediately stop providing services to recover and/or delete the account number , by law you bear all arising therefrom solely the responsibility of, the company also has the right to recover this to you All losses suffered by the company as a result.  


You are not allowed to use your account to make, upload, copy or send the following content on the "soap.com.hk" official website:

- Content that is false, inaccurate, or impersonating the identity of others

- Content that spreads rumors, disrupts social order, and undermines social stability and security;

- spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, fierce kill, terror or abetting a crime content;

- Content that insults or slanders others and infringes on the legal rights and interests of others;

- Any content prohibited by law.


The company reserves the right to block or delete your account without first notifying you when it believes that you have violated these terms and conditions. For breach of these terms and conditions have been blocked or deleted user account, you can own through the electrical contact the company to understand the situation-mail address "store@soap.com.hk".

4.      Product Description


The "soap.com.hk" official website may have errors, errors or omissions in the content and product descriptions. The company will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the content and product descriptions on the "soap.com.hk" official website are accurate and complete, but the company does not guarantee that all content and product descriptions are accurate, complete, up-to-date and correct. The company reserves the right to correct errors, errors or omissions and update the information and content on the "soap.com.hk" official website at any time without prior notice to you.


At the same time, the company has tried to display the colors of all products as accurately as possible, but the colors you actually see will depend on other factors such as the browsing device used and settings, so there may be a color difference with the actual colors of the products. The company does not accept applications for exchange or return for this reason.


You should make your own judgment on all the information and content of the "soap.com.hk" official website, and bear all risks arising from the use of the content (including risks arising from the reliance on the correctness, completeness or usefulness of the content), the company will not bear the above risks.       

5.      Product Price and Payment Method


All product prices on the "soap.com.hk" website are displayed in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). However, the final price of the product will be calculated in Hong Kong dollars (HKD) based on the applicable exchange rate on the day the online payment service provider processes the transaction. The company will not be responsible for any losses you may suffer due to exchange rate differences.


We accept “Visa", "MasterCard", "UnionPay", "Google Pay", "Apple Pay", "Paypal", "PayMe", "FPS", "Alipay HK", "Octopus App", "Atome" as payment methods.


The above-mentioned online payment services are all provided by third-party institutions. "soap.com.hk" internet official use are provided by third party online payment service for online transactions. After you confirmed the order, it will be transferred to the payment service provider's website, and you agreed to be bound by its terms and conditions. Your credit card information will be collected, processed and retained by us and the payment service provider. You are solely responsible for any losses incurred or incurred by you when conducting credit card transactions. The company shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by you under any circumstances.   


If you used a credit card payment and/or transfer mode is not a local or Hong Kong account, the final product will process the transaction fees applicable exchange rate is calculated based on the day of the issuing bank your account. Similarly, the company will not be responsible for any losses you suffer due to exchange rate differences.


In addition, it is your responsibility to check with the card issuing bank and confirm whether the transactions conducted on the "soap.com.hk " official website will incur any handling or administrative fees. The company will not bear any costs incurred by you. Such expenses must be borne by you.


If your card issuer refuses to authorize the transaction or the online payment is unsuccessful, our company reserves the right to cancel your order or delay delivery until the payment is successful.

6.      Confirm the Order


When you confirm to order products from our company, it means that you agree to place an order request to our company in accordance with these terms and conditions. After receiving your order, the company will notify you by email that the company has received the order, but the email does not mean that the company has accepted your order. The company reserves the right to refuse to accept your order under any circumstances (such as product description or price error, product out of stock or not up to quality standards, unsuccessful payment, etc.) .


If there are any problems with your order or the company cannot accept the order, the company will contact you and notify you by email or phone as soon as possible.

7.      Delivery Service


The delivery services of our products are provided and responsible by third-party transportation companies. The delivery range of the products includes: Hong Kong, Macau and designated overseas regions. Please refer to the company’s product delivery terms : [ Delivery and Freight ] for the time and charges required for product delivery . The company reserves the right to modify and/or amend the delivery terms of the product from time to time without prior notice to you.


The company will notify you by email after the product is sent and provide you with the tracking number of the third-party transportation company. You need to check the delivery progress and details of the product on the website of the third-party transportation company. The company will not be responsible for any losses you suffer due to the delivery of products by third-party transportation companies, including but not limited to: product delivery delays, loss, loss or damage, theft, etc.


Once the product arrives at you, you will become the owner of the product, and you will bear the responsibility and risk of holding the product yourself. The company will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the product.

8.      Orders from Oversea


If you order our company’s products outside of Hong Kong, the company does not guarantee that the products sold by the company, the materials contained in it, or imports comply with the laws and regulations of your Country/Region, and will not be responsible for any of the company’s products Liability for violating the laws of your Country/Region.


In response to your country or law area, the company's products reach your country or time zone that customs authorities have the opportunity to impose import duties, customs duties and handling charges. It is your responsibility to check with the customs agency of your country or region and confirm whether the products you order will incur any import taxes, duties, handling fees or administrative fees, etc. The company will not bear any costs incurred by you. These costs must be borne by you.

9.      Exchange and Return Policy


Except for the following circumstances, all products or services purchased from the "soap.com.hk" official website are not subject to refund, exchange, or return services:

- product received does not match the content of your order;

- received product cannot be used normally;

- received product has obvious flaws and defects.


If you find that your product has the above-mentioned article 9.1, you need to go to the "application exchange and return" system on the official website of "soap.com.hk" within 7 days after signing for the product and apply to the company for a replacement and/or return. Please note that the company reserves the right to decide whether the product will be exchanged and/or returned in the end.


After you enter the "application exchange and return" system, you should follow the instructions of the system to fill in your personal information, upload the photo of the product in question, and describe the problem or defect in the content column for our company's review. If the application is approved by our company, our customer service staff will notify you by email. You need to return the defective goods together with the original packaging and gifts (if any).


The company does not accept products that do not meet personal preferences, the wrong degree of selection, and the product packaging box is damaged as reasons for applying for replacement and/or return. In addition, the company will confirm the integrity of the product packaging box before shipment. Therefore, the company will NOT be responsible for any product damage caused by the transportation process or man-made.


All products purchased from the "soap.com.hk" official website are Non-Refundable. If the goods that have been approved for exchange cannot be returned because they are sold out, the money for the goods will be refunded to your user account in the form of "soap.com.hk" shopping money.

10.   Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability


The company will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the information and content of the "soap.com.hk" official website are accurate and complete, but the company will not make any form of guarantee, statement or statement regarding such information and content, especially not to make any guarantee or statement regarding the accuracy, completeness, non-infringement, reliability, computer virus immunity, safety, merchantability, or suitability of such information and content. The Company does not warrant "soap.com.hk" the official website of the information contained, and the contents and these Terms and Conditions is in compliance to other regulatory jurisdictions.  


Any information and content provided on the "soap.com.hk" official website does not constitute and cannot replace professional medical advice. None of the company’s employees or representatives has declared or warranted that they have the professional qualifications of Chinese medicine practitioners / doctors to make prescriptions and supply soaps containing Chinese herbal medicines.


You are responsible for your own assessment of the accuracy and completeness of all information and content contained on the "soap.com.hk" official website and/or any linked third-party websites. You understand and agree that when using the "soap.com.hk" official website, you must bear all risks entirely by yourself.


To the maximum extent permitted by the law, the company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or corresponding losses caused by your use or failure to use the "soap.com.hk" official website.

11.  User's Guarantee

When you order any products of our company, you declare, guarantee and promise as follows:

  • You understand that any employee or representative of the company does not have the professional qualifications of Chinese medicine        practitioners or doctors, and you must consult with the Chinese medicine doctors or doctors with such professional qualifications;
  • You have consulted a professionally qualified Chinese medicine practitioner or doctor on the suitability of using the ordered product, and have obtained the advice of the professionally qualified Chinese medicine practitioner or doctor;
  • Before using any of the company's products, you have carefully read all product labels and information, and promised to abide by the product guidelines.

12.  Compensation

If you violate these terms and conditions and cause the company (including the company’s directors, employees, agents, affiliates and/or suppliers) to incur any liability, claim, expense, damage and loss (including attorney’s fees), this The company has the right to claim full compensation from you. The company reserves the right to take legal action against any user who violates these terms and conditions.

13.  Collection of Personal Information and User Privacy

The company respects the personal information and privacy of all users. The company will properly handle the privacy and personal data of all users in accordance with the company's privacy protection policy. For details , please refer to the company’s privacy protection policy : [Privacy Policy] .

14.  Third Party Links

These terms and conditions are only applicable to the "soap.com.hk" official website. The "soap.com.hk" official website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. The company has no control over the linked websites and their content. All actions and results after you leave the "soap.com.hk" official website are not within the control of the company, and you are responsible for the risks caused by your browsing or using third-party websites. It is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions of these third-party websites on your own to protect the personal interests of users.

15. Intellectual Property 

All content on the official website of “soap.com.hk”, including the company's name and logo, product pictures and descriptions, website design, website appearance and style, text, graphics, button icons, images, audio clips, top of the page, Trademarks, website content and content selection and layout. It is strictly forbidden to use "soap.com.hk" without the prior written permission of “soap.com.hk" official website content copy, modify, distribute, redistribute, transmit, display or presentation, are also strictly prohibited use any contents from "soap.com.hk" in any ways to connect with non-company products and services, so as to cause user confusion or damage the company's reputation.

16.  Other terms


If at any time, in accordance with the laws of any jurisdiction with jurisdiction, any part of these terms and conditions is in any respect or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining parts of these terms and conditions, The legality and enforceability should not be affected or impaired in any way.


If there is a dispute or dispute between the two parties during the performance of this clause, they should try their best to resolve it through negotiation that does not harm the rights and interests of either party. If the above-mentioned negotiation is invalid, both parties have the right to resolve the above-mentioned dispute or dispute according to various legal channels.


The company has the right to transfer the rights and / or responsibilities of the company in these terms and conditions to a third party without prior notice to you.


These terms and conditions are governed by Hong Kong Law and must be interpreted and explained in accordance with Hong Kong Law. You agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.